Tender (Raw) Jackfruit is the newest 'superfood' on the block, its popularity has increased tremendously in the last 5 years and is projected to skyrocket in the near future.

Tender Jackfruit is the thick flesh/pulp of unripe Jackfruit, minus the hard seeds. It is creamy white in color, and has a mild flavor, without the strong aroma of the ripe fruit.

Thanks to its versatile texture which resembles meat, it is fast gaining popularity as a meat replacement in several cuisines, and is a favourite of Vegan food connoisseurs worldwide.

It is a nutritional powerhouse - high in dietary fiber and a rich source of B Vitamins & Vit C. It is surprisingly low in calories and rich in proteins, making it an ideal health food.

HighQ Foods EXIM LLP truly understands the potential of this amazing fruit, and so we have teamed up with a reputed Food Processor - BL Agro, based in the heart of the Jackfruit growing region in India, for production of our 'Tender Jackfruit - Retort Processed' product for the upcoming Jackfruit season.

Key highlights of this exciting collaboration:

  • Location of processing facility in the Jackfruit growing region will allow us to process the raw fruit at its ideal maturity.

  • Retort processing will ensure the highest level of Food Safety & Quality, Longer Shelf life of our product.

  • Dedicated facility for Jackfruit processing, High level of experience & expertise.

Key features of Tender Jackfruit

  • Our Tender Jackfruit product boosts of an impressive Shelf Life of 18 months, due to the unique nature of Retort processing.

  • Available as Diced (~1.5 to ~2.5cm size cubes), or as Shredded (flaky texture)

  • We offer Certified ORGANIC product (we also offer conventional variants).

  • Creamy white to light brown in color, Free from any added color or preservatives.

  • Available in 200g or 500g packaging size.

  • Gluten-free, Sulphite-free, Soy-free and free from all major allergens.

We aspire to be the premier supplier of Jackfruit products from India to the world, starting with our 'Tender Jackfruit'.